Advantek – Accelerate your Digital Transformation

Make Advantek your transformation partner for the digital future

Advantek tackles the key issues facing boardroom executives today – ransomware, asset intelligence and corporate compliance.

Our digital management platform combines ransomware and malware protection, asset intelligence and continuous compliance to give our customers peace of mind by knowing their data is protected and secure.

Advantek’s Digital Management Platform combines next-generation technologies with people and processes to give companies a competitive advantage all while staying ahead of cyber criminals.

Advantek Digital Management Platform

Mitigate risk. Manage assets. Achieve compliance.

Ransomware and Malware Prevention

Ransomware prevention, dectection and recovery solution.

Asset Intelligence

Asset due diligence and intelligence solution that gives organizations better visibility and control of their IT environment.

Continuous Compliance

Machine learning solution to identify and remediate policy violations for continuous compliance.